So happy, on the road to Rio

I am very happy that I got the limit for the Olympic Games for fourth consecutive time. Since Saturday that I managed it, my mind has began to think only Rio!


That was the biggest challenge for me, to be for a fourth time in the row at the Olympic Games, and I am very glad that I managed it in my first meeting.

It's evident that the effort made by me and my coach is very difficult, because unfortunately there is no help from the government or any other institution... We will continue in the same pace, with the hope that the authorities will at last take a look at our sports and will give us some importance...  

We are in a pre-olympic year, but we don't... feel it, unfortunately there is no help from the government and the confederations. However, we don't give up, we try, we insist and we achieve our goals!

From now and on, the preparation is focused on the Olympic Games, but of course I will participate in other meetings before in order to keep my form. Meanwhile, I will be preparing for the Olympic Games of Rio.

It' s too early to judge the evolution of 2015, as I have many months ahead, but already I have achieved many goals and of course the most important goal, my participation at the Olympic Games, from my first game. 2014 was a very successful year with the medal at Commonwealth Games, but 2015 also evolves equally.