In Formia (Italy) for the basic preparation

I am moving in the rhythm of the preparation that I started on mid-September and then.
Till now I am very satisfied with the programme and how it's going on, since everything is according the plan.

I am completing the first part of the preparation and on Sunday we are parting for the training center of Formia, where I will make the first part of my basic preparation. I chose Formia this year too, because last year it helped me very much in my concentration.
This change and move from Greece to Italy for some days is useful, the change of climate and of preparation place helps the athlete and I hope that it will be very beneficial for me this year too, as it was last year.
I will be at Formia almost two weeks and I will after return to Greece in order to continue my preparation for the Indoor Championship. I am expecting the calendar of the meetings in order to arrange my participation to some of them. I believe that I will compete on January or February and of course the big challenge is the European Indoor Championship, in Prague, during March. I want and I hope to be completely ready then, throughout the preparation and the meetings!
Stay tuned with my personal page for more photos and videos from italy.
More news about my preparation again after my return from Formia.



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