End of relax, time to work!

Back to trainings today, first day of this new season. And I hope that I could begin the first stage of my preparation at the training center of Agios Kosmas...

I want to believe that this first part of the preparation will be held there, even though many steps are still required in order to give a solution on this problem... I hope that the existing problems will be solved, so as to have finally a solution at this problem with the training camp that doesn't preoccupy just me, but also all the athletes who train there and can be gotten rid of!

The new season is beginning, after having enjoyed my holidays and after relaxing. I have filled the batteries  and I am ready for my new challenges this season! So, the holidays are over, I have rested enough and I am ready to start training.

My big objective this season is the European Indoor Championship. I will work hard on this goal, initially in Athens and then abroad. I hope everything is ok and I will be able to begin my preparation from Agios Kosmas training center. I really hope not to be kicked out of the training center, even though we are still in the air and we don't know if we will be able to train there... These days are crucial and I don't hide you my big anxiety.

Initially me preparation will be more "general" and then will be more specific. Then I will go abroad for the next steps of my preparation, but we will have plenty of time to talk about it with more details later on.