Some more days of rest ahead of the new season

Dear Friends,

Firstly, i would like to inform you about my new blog at, from which you will be able to follow my news, apart from my official website.

So far my schedule consists of... vacations until September 18, when my preparation for the new season officially begins.

After a successful year and after closing the season qith a success with the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, I enjoy my holidays and fill the batteries for the new season.

My first goal this year is the European Indoor Championship and then, as the second big goal, the World Championship in Beijing. Initially my preparation, which begins on September 18, focuses on the European Indoor Championship, which will take place in Prague on the first week of March (5-8/03/2015). The World Championship of Beijing will take place on August (22-30/08/2015). It is the top event of the season in Indoors Games and that's my big goal.

Before the European Championships other meetings and games will occur abroad. Until then we will contact and I will inform you on my conditions and my situation.

I mentioned as my biggest goal the European Indoor Championship, but my main goal is to be healthy. If I am healthy, then everything is easier.